Freestyle Parkour | Carl Paoli x Darryl Stingley- Miami, FL

Carl Paoli and Darryl Stingley are coming together for the first time to offer a 6 hour seminar filled with movement knowledge applied to fitness, life and Parkour.

This is a 6 hour seminar appropriate for coaches, trainers, athletes of all levels who are familiar with functional movements in their training, and especially if you are interested in adding Freerunning skills into your practice.

The main takeaway from this seminar is Coach Carl’s “Position-Movement-Purpose” framework with which you can analyze and dissect all movements, no matter how complex, to learn how to safely and efficiently train and perform these movements to build a bigger foundation, by which you could develop your own progressions and skill transfer opportunities to perform higher level movements adaptable to any type of training and any sport.

The focus of the Parkour section of this seminar dedicated to learning how to manipulate your body's momentum and force in a safe and controlled maner. Through this basic skill you will gain a higher level of understanding of the concept of body control.

This seminars shows you how to:
• Turn on and trust your intuition about movement
• Use tools that help optimize imperfect movement
• Tap into the universal movement patterns and progressions underlying all disciplines
• Use Carl Paoli's movement framework to create roadmaps for your physical success
• Learn what being strong really means

The Parkour section of this seminar will teach you Maneuvers and progressions for:
• Quadrupedal Movements (Kongs, Lateral, Forward & Backward)
• Rolling (Basic Forward roll, Shoulder roll, Barrel Roll, Backward Roll)
• Climb-Up & Climb Down
• Landing & Continuation

Ultimately, Freestyle is a practical seminar to explore human movement regardless of your discipline. It is equally applicable to veteran athletes, weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts, people trying to pick up a new sport, and people who are simply curious about improving their health. By developing your awareness and learning to see across other disciplines, you can tailor any training regimen to meet your unique goals.

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May 7, 2017
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
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Focused Movement Academy

7261 NE 4th Ave,
Miami, FL 33138
Miami FL, 33138

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